Shred, Scan or Store?

Posted under Fireproof Records by Fireproof on May 31, 2017

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The transition from paper to digital can make many want to hoard their documents, but that doesn’t mean that you should. The choice between what to store, scan or shred isn’t easy—especially without the right records management system. Fireproof can help you manage your information, evaluate which documents need a stored hard-copy, as well as which can be digitalized and which can be shredded.

The following list will help you determine what to do with your records and documents:


  • Tax returns: The IRS has six years to audit your taxes, so keep any tax return documents stored for at least seven years.
  • Property deeds, records and titles: Keep any documents pertaining to your home, land, vehicle and other ownerships.
  • Identification documents: Keep hard original copies of birth and death certificates, health records, adoption certificate, citizenship certificate, and social security cards.
  • Marriage and divorce certificates
  • Wills, trusts and Power of Attorney documents
  • Yearly pay stub total
  • Contractual agreements and vendor relationship documents: Keep copies such as a contract with a contractor for a home remodel.
  • Owner’s manuals
  • Insurance policies

Store or Scan

  • Finance documents: Keep invoices, register tape receipts, credit card charges, 1099s and W2s.
  • Proof of deductible purchases and expenses mileage logs
  • Voided checks
  • Loan statements
  • Pet records
  • Pension statements
  • Receipts for large purchases


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Beware of Tech Support Scams

Posted under Security by Fireproof on May 24, 2017

Have you ever received a message from someone claiming to work for tech support, claiming you have a computer virus? If so, odds are it was a scam. Hackers and social engineers are working harder than ever these days, trying to get your personal information or convince you to pay for services you don’t need. In a time where technical support scams are becoming increasingly popular, your best line of defense is to stay in the know. The following tips provided by ITSecureNow CEO Lorne Sykora will help you prevent scammers from getting your personal information.

Slow Down and Think It Through
All too common, is the pop-up message on your computer, claiming that your system is infected. These pop-ups usually instruct you to call a certain number, or to visit a certain website to fix your issue.  These messages are designed to invoke stress and encourage you to act as quickly as possible. However, the best course of action you can take is to slow down, analyze the situation and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who is asking for this information?
  • Do I know this company?
  • Do I have an agreement with them?
  • Why are they asking for this information?

If you have a technical support agreement with a company, keep in mind that they already have your information and would not be calling to ask for it. Once someone asks for your credit card number, that’s your cue to hang up.

Don’t Let Anyone Take Control of Your Computer
If you were to call the fraudulent technical support number, or click on a link they sent you, scammers might ask you for your approval to take control of your computer in order to fix the problem—don’t. By gaining access to your computer, scammers can access private information and even force you to pay a fee.

“There are NO reputable companies that are just going to swoop in and fix a problem without having you sign a contract first,” Sykora said.

Take Action
The best way to prevent imposters from scamming other people is to report them to If scammers have gained access to your bank information, contact them immediately. Most banks have fraud prevention policies in place, and 24/7 fraud support hotlines.

Most scams can be prevented by simply educating people. ITSecurenow provides self-paced security training for employees and executive level security training for the C-suite as part of their Breach Prevention Platform (BPP). Call (614) 206-5206 or click here to contact ITSecurenow today and get your free security assessment.

For more security best practices from ITSecureNow, click here.



5 Reasons AR Teams Love TermSync

Posted under Fireproof Records by Fireproof on May 15, 2017

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The blog post below is reposted, with permission, from our friends at Esker.

Every team has that one tool they love. Whether it’s a software program that allows them to easily share information with other team members or a product that lets them quickly search for information — they love it because it makes their lives easier.

Having those essential tools at hand is an integral part of completing any assignment, regardless of the industry or business department you’re a part of. The right tool (or sometimes just a tool in general) can make the difference between being able to get work done or not. The best tools, however, are those that not only get the job done, but get it done as efficiently and effectively as possible. When it comes to accounts receivable (AR), not having the right tool(s) in the AR department can equate to not getting paid … or getting paid verrryy slowly.

That’s where TermSync comes into play. Rather than completely overhauling your AR department and process process, TermSync’s solution streamlines your process while also filling in the gaps with useful tools not previously available to most AR teams. With features such as smart payment reminder emails based on your rules, a portal for your customers, customized to-do lists, and advanced reporting and analytics, every stakeholder involved in AR will benefit from it.

Why AR Teams Love TermSync

  1. Automated payment reminders
    Gone are the days of having to manually send out payment reminder emails. TermSync allows users to create and schedule automated payment reminder emails to customers on your behalf based on your company’s workflow rules. Even though they’re sent via TermSync technology, you still maintain complete creative control over branding, timing, messaging, subject lines, and much more. It even gives staff the ability to track when, or if, customers view these communications, helping expose incorrect contact information and minimize the amount of emails getting caught in spam.
  2. A customer portal
    It’s amazing the amount of time the AR department spend on tasks such as providing copies of lost invoices, accepting payments over the phone and answering information about current account balances. These are things that customers can, and should be able to, do on their own through a customer portal. Not only does it save time, but customers nearly always prefer a self-service option over phone and/or email support. For every customer that currently calls in with a question, you most likely have three or four others with similar issues that don’t bother. Instead, they wait for you to make a collection call several weeks later. A portal provides customers the convenience they prefer while saving you time and getting you paid faster.
  3. A customized to-do list
    Did you know that on average an AR rep spends 30% of their day “prioritizing and preparing”? Prioritizing includes scanning AR listings and figuring out which customers to contact. With TermSync, the prioritization is done for you, but based on the rules you set up. Preparation is a snap, and all of the information you need to contact the customer (phone number, notes from prior conversations, account statement info, etc) is at your fingertips. All of this results in spending more of your AR departments valuable time dealing with customer issues and less time “prioritizing and preparing”.
  4. A central location for everything related to AR
    Shared Excel sheets, printed aging reports, post-it notes, Outlook reminders to yourself, a small notes field in your ERP, if these are some of the things you’re using to help you manage AR, TermSync is definitely for you. Rather than the cobbled together tools AR teams currently use, TermSync becomes your go-to place for everything AR. Walk down the hall and ask your sales team how using a solution like makes their lives easier and produces better results. TermSync will accomplish the same for your collection efforts.
  5. Tools for “the small things”
    Creating and documenting a payment plan for a past due customer, completing a trade reference request for another customer, reaching out to the salesperson on an account to answer a question before the customer will pay – these are all examples of “the small things” that virtually all AR teams deal with. Although these may only occur a handful of times each month, the time spent really adds up. TermSync allows you to automate much of this work but at a minimum, organizes and streamlines the process.

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Fireproof has an upcoming webinar, created to help you automate AR with TermSync. Registration is open for a limited time – sign up now!

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