3 Easy Steps To Improve Computer Security

Posted under Security by Fireproof on November 28, 2017

The Internet is a valuable tool. Employees are able to work in remote and home office settings and also stay productive on the road through the use of various applications and cloud-based services. Families are able to stay connected to loved ones far and near with the simple click of a mouse. It also provides […]

13 Haunting Cyber Security Statistics

Posted under Security by Fireproof on October 26, 2017

Tales of true terror are happening in data centers far and near. Sinister outages and bone-chilling cyber security threats are enough to give any IT professional nightmares. Daily news reports highlight the latest victims in the ghastly data breech saga. The team at ITSecurenow gathered these haunting facts about cyber security. Read on…if you dare! […]

Beware of Tech Support Scams

Posted under Security by Fireproof on May 24, 2017

Have you ever received a message from someone claiming to work for tech support, claiming you have a computer virus? If so, odds are it was a scam. Hackers and social engineers are working harder than ever these days, trying to get your personal information or convince you to pay for services you don’t need. […]