Study Shows Healthcare Data Is At Risk

Posted under Off Site Data Protection by Fireproof on May 7, 2015

We are charging full steam into the digital era. New and expanded uses of digital technology continue to develop. ¬†Medical records, such as an MRI image or a copy of a mammogram scan, previously resided at the facility of origin and, if needed by another physician, would be mailed, couriered, or otherwise carried to the […]

World Backup Day Is Here

Posted under Document ImagingurlOff Site Data Protection by Fireproof on March 31, 2015

The ease and convenience of technology encourage people to utilize multiple technologies to simplify their lives. From tablets to smartphones to computers, the information stored on these devices help people maintain efficiency throughout the day. Unfortunately, many people are flagrant with their data and fail to backup their devices. In fact, 30 percent of the […]

3 Tips to Increase Your Businesses Productivity

Posted under Document ImagingurlOff Site Data ProtectionurlRecords Management by Fireproof on March 3, 2015

In every business, time is money. Unfortunately, too many businesses are bogged down with inefficient processes and cannot spend enough time on their most critical tasks. Take a look at our tips below for ideas on how you can optimize your office and increase your productivity.¬† Develop a Solid Retention Policy Records retention is one […]