3 Morning Habits to Kickstart Your Day

Posted under Fireproof Records by Fireproof on February 13, 2018

Do you wake up every morning, ready to conquer the world? Or do you like to wake up leisurely, letting the day come to you at a slower pace? Whichever is right for you, starting your morning on the right foot allows you to finish the day on a positive note. These three small shifts […]

3 Resolutions to be Green in 2018!

Posted under Fireproof Records by Fireproof on January 4, 2018

Saving the planet is a daunting task. However, having a New Year’s Resolution to make a positive impact is a great way to start the New Year. The team at Fireproof is committed to our environment and we know that implementing greener policies is easier than you think. Small steps can make a huge difference. […]

Fireproof Celebrates America Recycles Day

Posted under Fireproof Records by Fireproof on November 13, 2017

America Recycles Day is celebrated each year on November 15 to promote the social, environmental and economical benefits of recycling. People across the country are encouraged to join the movement, increase their recycling habits and buy more recycled products to create a better environment today as well as in the future. America Recycles Day started […]