How To Organize Your Files and Reduce Error

Posted under Disaster RecoveryurlEnterprise Content Management by Fireproof on August 25, 2016

There will always be variables in the world of records storage. Some, such as natural disaster, cannot be eliminated – only mitigated. Human error, however, can be significantly reduced with the right steps. By setting strict guidelines and simplifying the way your documents are accessed you can increase productivity and keep better track of your […]

3 Advantages of Going Digital

Posted under Enterprise Content Management by Fireproof on August 19, 2016

All businesses, large and small, need to be able to store, process and access all of their essential information to operate efficiently, and effectively serve their customers. The benefits of going digital extend past the amount of space freed up by endless rows of filing cabinets. While switching to a digital filing system is work, […]

Scan-Smart with Fireproof

Posted under Enterprise Content Management by Fireproof on December 3, 2015

Are your efforts to go digital being stymied by huge backlogs of paper documents? Scan-Smart services may be the answer! With Scan-Smart you will be able to provide complete visibility and access to all your business records, increase your information agility and efficiency, and have instant and secure access to all your documents at any […]