3 Benefits of Digitizing Paper Documents in Your Office

Posted under Document Imaging by Fireproof on October 4, 2017

  Offices across the United States are moving towards a paper-free environment. Efficiency is top priority in today’s office space and is the top benefit pushing this trend. Productivity can take a huge hit when time is spent retrieving a lost document. Moving towards a paperless office is easy with today’s technologies, which include cloud […]

How To Go Paperless

Posted under Document ImagingurlEnterprise Content Management by Fireproof on December 14, 2016

There is no denying that technology has come a long way. As a result, a lot of the work that used to be done on paper can now be produced and stored electronically. This does not mean that we can necessarily eliminate paper, but there are a few things you can do around your office to be a […]

Managing the Information Lifecycle

Posted under Document ImagingurlEnterprise Content ManagementurlRecords Management by Fireproof on October 7, 2016

Smart solutions protect business assets and deliver efficiency. To digitize or not to digitize? To shred or not to shred? There are a variety of options to select from when choosing how to handle business data. While federal law, professional standards, and operational needs dictate many of these choices, businesses can also turn to Fireproof […]