5 Document Management Buzzwords for 2018

Posted under Records Management by Fireproof on January 24, 2018

A new year brings new innovations and trends. Below, our CEO, Mike James, shares 5 big buzzwords from 2017 that will become even more relevant in 2018.

Information Governance
High-level information governance is really talking about the complete life cycle of information. From the point it’s created, you have to be thinking about how do you protect it, how do you determine its importance, how do you archive and preserve it and, finally, how do you destroy it? This was a hot topic in 2017, especially in the government world. Information is no longer just on paper. For all companies, the volume of information that keeps getting generated is exploding. Managing that information and investing in tools to help manage it is quickly becoming a top priority for companies.

Going Paperless
Going paperless sounds great, but putting into place an entire paperless solution is difficult—especially all at once. In certain industries, such as healthcare, paper has definitely been reduced but not eliminated.

We help companies determine the most cost-effective approach to storing information. Storing information electronically, by the way, is not often the most cost effective. For example, if you have paper documents that have already reached a box and are archived, it’s hard to justify the cost of making that paper into an image. When you’re storing documents electronically, you still need to protect them, and you have to have continued access.

We really help our customers find that hybrid solution. We offer so many solutions over the entire life cycle, you don’t have to pick one or the other. You may choose to go all electronic with certain document types, and some you may archive, some you may keep available on demand. Paper storage is still a growing area for us. Companies are choosing to store and archive paper documents because of the security and cost.

AI: Intelligent Information Management
With respect to the document management business, AI refers to intelligently managing information with metadata. Much like when we use the internet to search for information, companies need a way to search for documents across their systems, whether they’re on paper, a piece of electronic data, or out on Dropbox. The challenge is we have all this information, now how do we find it when we need it? We can help companies create intelligent searchable databases for electronic records.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
GDPR is a European standard that has to do with how companies are protecting the information they get from you. This touches into everything we do with our clients, whether we’re storing backup recovery data, imaging data, or protecting that information. We can organize that information and help with Cloud solutions that meet or exceed those GDPR expectations. Having correct security measures, correct accessibility, and a correct disaster management plan is becoming more and more critical because of those data breaches you hear about every day.

Biostorage is a new growth area for us. We work with hospitals to store a lot of pathology, such as sample tissues that are sealed and stored properly. We’re storing them in our secured vaults because they’re climate-controlled and offer a cost-effective offsite storage option.

2017 Milestones

  • Fireproof shredded over 1.6 tons (3.5 million pounds) of paper.
  • Fireproof was chosen by Digitech Systems as a member of the Circle of Excellence Club For the 10th consecutive year.
  • Fireproof passed its AAA NAID certification
  • Fireproof earned Prism Privacy Plus accreditation


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