Break These 3 Habits in 2018

Posted under Records Management by Fireproof on December 11, 2017

A new year marks new beginnings. While setting goals for the New Year is easy, sticking to them is something different entirely. In fact, only eight percent of Americans are successful at achieving their New Year’s resolutions. Choosing to break an old habit can help you be more productive and successful in the New Year. Here are 3 bad habits to break in 2017 for a more efficient 2018.

Haphazard filing

Workers can spend as much as 3.5 hours each week filing and organizing documents, and still spend time locating those files when needed. An average of five hours per week are wasted by workers looking for the documents and files they need. All together, organizing and re-finding the files takes approximately one day out of the average working week, amounting to a large loss in potential revenue.

Implementing standards and processes across your business can improve workplace efficiency, as everyone knows where their files and documents are located. Better information management tools provides businesses a chance of finding necessary documents precisely when they are needed.

Not backing up data

When you talk to anyone who doesn’t have a backup solution in place for their business, they usually start with, “I know it’s bad, but….”

Most businesses are confused as to how to properly back-up their data and will continue crossing their fingers until they choose a solution. Back-ups should be stored on-site AND off-site in case of emergency or disaster. A good back-up solution should work seamlessly with your office’s determined workflow; saving you time and money in the processes by ensuring your documents are safe and secure.

Hoarding documents

It is imperative to understand which documents you need to archive and which you simply don’t need anymore. Get up to date on your industry’s documentation retention requirements, and know when it’s appropriate to destroy files. Once it’s time to destroy the documents, ensure you do it safely.  Read “Our Most Frequently Asked Questions About Shredding” for details on how Fireproof can safely destroy your documents.

Knowledge is power. Once you acknowledge these bad habits in your organization you can begin to implement changes and kick these habits to the curb! Your document management process will be stronger—and so will your business. The professionals at Fireproof can work with your organization to implement the best solution for your business. Contact us at to learn more.



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