Fireproof Celebrates America Recycles Day

Posted under Fireproof Records by Fireproof on November 13, 2017

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America Recycles Day is celebrated each year on November 15 to promote the social, environmental and economical benefits of recycling. People across the country are encouraged to join the movement, increase their recycling habits and buy more recycled products to create a better environment today as well as in the future.

America Recycles Day started in 1997 and has educated millions of Americans on the benefits of recycling. As part of the National Recycling Coalition effort, volunteer coordinators organize events across the country to raise awareness and increase recycling. Thankfully, their efforts have paid off!

Now, more Americans recycle than ever. According to the EPA, in 2006 Americans generated roughly 4.6 pounds of waste and recycled about one-third or 1.5 pounds. Today, Americans recycle about 33 percent of their waste.

Everyone can participate in America Recycles Day. From individuals to businesses, small towns to big cities, recycling programs are making a difference. Here are some interesting facts about recycling and why we need to keep raising awareness on the importance of recycling every day!

  • More than 75 percent of waste is recyclable, but we only recycle about 33 percent.
  • Plastic takes 1,000 years to degrade in a landfill, but we only recycle 5 percent of our plastic.
  • Recycling a single ton of paper saves 17 mature trees, 7,000 gallons of water, 3 cubic yards of landfill space, 2 barrels of oil and 4,000 kilowatt hours of electricity.

Fireproof continues to support environmental programs with our Shred-Smart service. Shred-Smart allows businesses to dispose of expired documents with the assurance that information will be safely and securely destroyed. Our policy of baling our shredded materials and shipping them directly to a recycling plant to be turned to pulp allows us to keep our promise to support green office initiatives. For more information, and to learn how you can get started, visit our website and contact us now for a no-obligation quote!



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