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Posted under Who's Behind The Box by Fireproof on October 13, 2017

Without such an incredible team, Fireproof couldn’t be such a successful business in the records management industry. Document Management Supervisor Kelie Hemphill is a testament to that. The Pittsburgh native has been working at Fireproof for five years and wears many hats on a daily basis, including hiring, managing staff, coordinating budgets, and customer service. Here are a few things you should know about Kelie.

Q: Who do you work most closely with at Fireproof?
T: I work closest to Project Coordinators Shatania Clemment and Eric Lang, as well as Operations Manager, Mike Sayer.

Q: If you were to describe the Fireproof brand in 3 words, what would they be?
T: I’d say family, customer-focused and strong.

Q: What are some things that interest you?
T: I love sports and I am a huge football fan—Go Steelers! I also enjoying playing with my kids, kickboxing, shopping, traveling, and decorating.

Q: What was the most unusual job you had before working at Fireproof?
T: Recruiting for process automation in the oil and gas industry in the Texas area.

Q: What is one skill you would like to master?
T: I would like to be a more patient person.

Q:What is one thing you do differently than most people?
T: I am very straight-forward. I get to the point very quickly.

Q: What is one thing that most people don’t know about you
T: Most people don’t know that I was Homecoming Queen in college—Miss Language, Arts and Literature.

Q:What is your favorite part about your job?
T: My favorite part about my job is the fact that every day is a new challenge; I always have to come up with creative solutions.

Q: What is one thing everyone should know about Fireproof
T: Everyone should know that Fireproof is a great place to work at if you want to grow as a person and as a professional. They really embrace you as part of the Fireproof family.

Q: If you meet anyone (dead, alive, real, fictional), who would it be?
T: I would love to talk to my great-great grandmother. I come from a line of very strong women and would love to meet the woman who started it all.

Q: What was/is your favorite Fireproof event?
T: I would say my favorite Fireproof event has been the summer cookout. Everyone from our team is involved and everyone always has a great time.

Q: What do you think are the biggest changes in this industry?
T: While Fireproof has services to offer in every stage of the document lifecycle, everything nowadays is becoming digitized and electronic—paper is becoming a thing of the past.

Q:How do you help people outside of your job?
T: I’m a mentor for United Way’s Women’s Leadership Council E3 Program. I mentor young women, both personally and professionally.



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