3 Benefits of Digitizing Paper Documents in Your Office

Posted under Document Imaging by Fireproof on October 4, 2017


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Offices across the United States are moving towards a paper-free environment. Efficiency is top priority in today’s office space and is the top benefit pushing this trend. Productivity can take a huge hit when time is spent retrieving a lost document. Moving towards a paperless office is easy with today’s technologies, which include cloud computing, document scanning, a variety of software, and abundant mobile apps that work together to seamlessly transform any office from paper-dependent to digital. Many organizations are already seeing the benefits from the drive to digitize. Below are our three top benefits your office will experience when you digitize paper documents.

1. Cost Savings

Did you know that the US consumes more than one-third of the world’s paper? When you add that to the cost of ink cartridges, copy machines and printers, the price of printing can be pretty steep. Digitizing your paper documents reduces the added cost of pricey office equipment.

Document management software can also save your business with reduced man-hours. Time spent organizing, filing and sifting through paper can now be down by document management software.

2. Easy Accessibility

Digitizing your documents means easy accessibility for everyone in the office. Once documents are scanned and filed digitally, all employees are able to access from a central location. Time is no longer spent tracking down reports thus enhancing efficiency.

3. Document Security

Security features in document management software are designed to protect documents from threats such as natural disasters as well as information theft. Once stored on the cloud, businesses can easily retrieve any necessary document through a secure access point. Having a shared access point across the organization also allows for version control of documents, insuring all employees are privy to the most up-to-date version, and again, improving efficiency.

Every business is different and each office has a specific set of needs for digitizing their documents. The experts at Fireproof Records will help you find the right technology tools to improve processes and increase productivity in your office. Contact Fireproof today for a no-obligation quote!



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