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Posted under Fireproof Records by Fireproof on August 30, 2017

At Fireproof, it’s no question that our employees contribute to our success. Tyler Faust, one of our sales consultants, is no exception. Born and raised in Hilliard, Ohio, Tyler helps with sales, and generating new business for ITSecureNow.

Q: Who do you work most closely with at Fireproof?
I work closest with Lorne Sykora, CIO at ITSecureNow. We regularly discuss new business opportunities and work together to identify needs in the market.

Q: How long have you been at Fireproof?
T: I’ve been working at Fireproof since October 26, 2016.

Q: If you were to describe the Fireproof brand in 3 words, what three words would you use?
I’d say professional, caring, and outgoing.

Q: What are some things that interest you?
I love to be around my family and I enjoying playing sports—especially golf.

Q: What was the most unusual job you had before working at Fireproof?
I used to be a debt advisor, so my job was to help people get out of debt—which was pretty unusual.

Q:What is your favorite part about your job?
T: My favorite part about my job is interacting with the people that I deal with on a daily basis. The team at Fireproof is helpful and very leading edge.   Their customers are their top priority. I like to be a part of a team that is engaging and vibrant, and fun!

Q: What is one thing everyone should know about Fireproof?
T: Everyone should know that the customer service at Fireproof rocks! The employees here go out of their way to do whatever it takes for a customer. They get back to the customer as soon as possible, and work hard as a team to solve any problems on behalf of our clients.

Q: How do you help Fireproof customers solve problems?
T: We help customers get in a better situation regarding their IT on a daily basis; we help their business to run more efficiently.

Q: If you meet anyone (dead, alive, real, fictional), who would it be?
T: I would love to meet Jimmy Buffett. His music and lifestyle have been a big influence in my life.

Q: What was/is your favorite Fireproof event?
I would have to say that OHIMA was my favorite event. I worked that forum and it was a blast!

Q: What do you think are the biggest changes in this industry?
T: People going from reactive to proactive in their IT and managing security.

Q: Do you have any pets?
T: I do. I have a two-year-old pitbull named Giddeon.

Q:How do you help people outside of your job?
T: My wife and I volunteer at Feed My Sheep on Tuesday nights and help feed the homeless. It’s very rewarding and fun to do together.

You can find Tyler at our Grove City location, working closely with the ITSecureNow sales team. To contact Tyler, please reach him at tfaust@fireprof.com.



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