What Are The Points of Vulnerability in Your Health Care System?

Posted under Fireproof RecordsurlRecords Management by Fireproof on August 10, 2017

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It’s no secret that the healthcare industry is vulnerable to security breaches. Recently, there has been an increase in cyber attacks in the healthcare industry. The National Health Service in England and Scotland was affected by a ransomware attack in May, and Molina Healthcare recently suffered a patient portal security flaw that affected the information of 4.8 million patients. As a partner of all major hospitals in Central Ohio, Fireproof realizes security and medical records management is more important than ever in the healthcare industry. Here are a few key areas where your organization might be vulnerable.

Medical Devices
While medical devices are often overlooked — especially compared to devices such as laptops and phones — these can make your organization susceptible to cyber attacks. Monitors and machines may not always be top of mind when thinking  of your network, but they are computers and have very few security protections.

Medical Records
One of the most common threats to health care organizations are the medical record archives. Providing high quality medical care to patients is the main priority and organizations should be taking extra precautions when implementing data security for patient privacy and confidentiality. At Fireproof, we provide adequate measures for storing medical records and data that meets HIPPA requirements and ensures your organization is not vulnerable.

Outdated Technology
Investing in the most current technology can help organizations reduce their risk of security breaches. Smart technology and information management solutions will not only limit threats but will also increase efficiency and productivity.

Providing outstanding care to patients includes taking good care of their medical records and private information. Contact Fireproof to learn more about records management solutions.



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