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When it comes to storing documents, many companies lack the space and manpower to do so. This is why being able to keep information at an offsite location can help ensure everything runs smoothly within the company. Fireproof has been providing secure offsite storage for over 100 years, allowing businesses in the Central Ohio area to maximize their potential and minimize storage costs. The following are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions from clients regarding offsite storage services.

How can I access my stored information?
You can easily create a request online and we can deliver your information to you anytime, anywhere. Along with physical delivery, we also offer on-demand scan services, meaning we can digitize paper files and documents, and provide through secure online delivery.” – Ben Katz, Solutions Architect

What type of security features are in place to ensure compliancy?
“We are completely HIPAA compliant, which is the most stringent of compliancy regulations. We not only require all of our staff to be HIPAA certified but every room within the building can only be accessed with a keycard. In addition, we enforce that name badges and photo ID’s are available and visible at all times within the facility.” – Chris Hazelet, Business Development

How do you locate our box if we need to retrieve it from your warehouse?
Your box will have a bar code label attached to it. When we store a box with files in our warehouse, we scan the barcode label on the box, as well as the bar code label on the rack where we will place the box. When any of our clients need to view their files, the process is as easy as typing their name into the computer.” – Michael Sweet, Business Development.

For more information visit our website or our previous article on offsite storage solutions. You can also contact us by calling 614-201-2016 or filling out a contact form.  



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