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Posted under Records Management by Fireproof on April 20, 2017

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After a very odd winter, the warm spring weather is finally here—and so is spring cleaning. While most people think of cleaning and organizing their homes to welcome the new season, it is also the perfect time to unclutter your workspace and organize your files. Here are some of our best tips to get your records organized and in tip top shape.

Figure out what needs to stay and what needs to go
Identifying which documents to keep and which to destroy can be very difficult. Since most documents have an expiration date, we’ve compiled a list of how long they should be kept in your records. Use the list below as a guideline to determine if you can safely dispose of a file.

  • Should Be Kept Forever: medical and health records, social security card, passport and other identity documents, annual reports, and wills
  • Should Be Kept for 5 – 10 Years: bank statements, cancelled checks, credit card statements, home repair bills and contracts, investment records, insurance payment records, deeds, titles, mortgages, and tax files
  • Should Be Kept for 1 Year: utility bills, minor home contracts, telephone bills, and pay stubs
  • Should Be Kept for the Life of the Product: auto/motor vehicle titles, registrations, investment records, warranties, and owner manuals.

Scan your documents
Without the proper procedures, poorly managed records can grind productivity to a halt. One of the best ways to avoid a document “overload” is to start scanning anything that doesn’t require a paper copy.  At Fireproof, we will pack and safely transport your documents to our facility. Once here we will scan each page and index them with key identifiers, and securely store them in an online repository or the customized output of your choice.

Use cloud storage
Cloud storage provides employees with the necessary tools to improve workflow processes and increase productivity. Employees can access the information anywhere, anytime as long as they have an internet connection. In addition, by storing your documents in the cloud you can maintain an organized office while keeping all your information a few clicks away.

Keeping your records organized doesn’t have to be a hassle. At Fireproof, we offer a variety of solutions to efficiently organize and store documents. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote.



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