How To Organize Your Files and Reduce Error

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There will always be variables in the world of records storage. Some, such as natural disaster, cannot be eliminated – only mitigated. Human error, however, can be significantly reduced with the right steps. By setting strict guidelines and simplifying the way your documents are accessed you can increase productivity and keep better track of your files.

Take control of your data with these processes:

Develop a Document Retention Schedule and Stick To It
Records retention is one of the most critical elements of running a business. Unfortunately, many businesses do not have the proper procedures in place. When there is no “hard and fast” policies on record, your records can become vulnerable to over-storing or under-storing. In both cases you are probably spending more time than necessary locating your files, and may even be losing important documents that you will have to spend valuable resources to recreate.

Avoid wasting your time and resources by developing a document retention policy, and ensuring that everyone in the organization sticks to it.

Securely Destroy Documents When They Are No Longer Needed
As your organization grows you will likely have to deal with exponentially higher amounts of data. If these files are not being properly managed, you will soon start to drown in your data. Avoid grinding your office to a halt by monitoring your files, and destroying them as soon as they expire. This applies for everything from paper documents, to media, to digital files. Be sure to always securely dispose of your records in order to prevent espionage and identity theft.

For help deciding which files can be retained, and which should be destroyed, see our blog post, How Long Should I Keep These Records?

Digitize Your Archives
So you’ve developed a retention plan, and are committed to securely disposing of files that are no longer needed. But what about the files that you do need? If your office is like most, you probably have lots of paper documents taking up valuable space in your office. These files are usually hard to locate and easily lost. The answer is digitization. By going digital you simplify the way your documents are handled, thus creating an easier workflow that is less likely to fall victim to unforeseen errors.

Information is the fuel that drives your business. Without smart records storage, your office can suffer. If you are interested in how Fireproof can help take back your data please contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote!



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