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Your company’s information is valuable data that should be secure, even through the destruction process. Fireproof’s Shred-Smart program ensures your information is preserved through the entire shredding and destruction process. The leadership team of Fireproof answered some of the most frequently asked questions we receive on how we protect your data and your business.

How Can We Be Sure That Our Information Is Secure?

Fireproof is NAID certified and all employees are background checked and drug tested. Fireproof provides secure, locked receptacles that are barcode scanned at the time of service and transported on GPS tracked vehicles or shredded onsite with our mobile shred truck.
-Ben Katz, Solutions Architect

Fireproof retains custody of your documents all the way through the on-site destruction process to the recycle process. In addition, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction upon the completion of the Destruction project.
-Terry Brereton, Account Manager

How Quickly Can A Bag Switch Be Completed?

Our standard turnaround time for bag switches is the following business day by 5:00 PM. We have however, done rush bag switches in special situations (within three hours).
-Kayce Sanchez, Account Manager

What is the Process to Have Our Documents Shredded?

If documents are in our inventory, an authorization form signed by two authorized users listed on the account is required reflecting the box numbers to be destroyed. Once the destruction is complete, we will send a certificate of destruction for your records. If you have documents to be shredded, we can pick up the documents, or you can bring them to our facility to be shredded.
-Terry Brereton, Account Manager

We will pick-up the paper from your facility and bring it back to our secure location where we will destroy the documents on-site. Once the destruction is complete you will receive a certificate of destruction.
-Michael Sweet – Business Development

What Are My Options For Shredding Containers?

We have multiple sizes of cabinets that look like a piece of furniture to receptacles. Fireproof offers plant-based shredding services and also onsite mobile shredding services.
-Jeff Dyer, Supervisor, Account Management

How Reliable Are You?

We pride ourselves on reliability. At Fireproof we show up when we say we will, and can help you out in a pinch, as opposed to some of our competitors.
-Philip Weaver – Business Development Manager

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