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Posted under Enterprise Content Management by Fireproof on December 3, 2015

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Are your efforts to go digital being stymied by huge backlogs of paper documents? Scan-Smart services may be the answer! With Scan-Smart you will be able to provide complete visibility and access to all your business records, increase your information agility and efficiency, and have instant and secure access to all your documents at any time, from anywhere.

What Can Scan-Smart Do For You?

  • Save time and money by decreasing the amount of time spent filing and retrieving paper files
  • Reduce or eliminate the expensive office space required to store paper, files, and boxes
  • Improve response time for information retrieval requests, internally and for your customers
  • Benefit from a trusted partner, innovative software and a cutting-edge scanning service bereau

How Does Scan-Smart Work?
With Fireproof, the scanning process doesn’t have to be painful. We will pack up and transport your documents to our facility, via our secure fleet of vehicles, to ensure a strong chain-of-custody. Once at our facility, our team will prepare your documents for scanning, index them with key identifiers, and scan them to a secure online repository or the customized output format of your choice. Don’t want to digitize everything at once? We will store your paper records offsite and scan them only when needed, helping you avoid large digital conversion project costs.

Want to know more about Fireproof Scan-Smart? Click Here to Request a 15 minute conversation with a Fireproof expert. We look forward to hearing from you!



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