Documents Go Digital: Top 3 Industry Trends

Posted under Off Site Data Protection by Fireproof on September 22, 2015

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Michael James, our CEO, was recently featured in CIO Magazine as one of the 20 Most Promising Document Management Solution Providers. In the feature, James shared industry trends and where the Document Management industry is headed. Here are a few key takeaways you should know in order to stay informed about storage solutions for your business.

The end is near…

Storing hard-copies of paper documents and important records is quickly coming to a halt. Document scanning provides a digital solution to the overflow of confidential records by sorting and compiling emails, invoices, contracts and employee documents into searchable databases.

“A big part of our process is an integrated approach. We want to offer clients a complete document management system that can case their burden by gathering different silos of information together,” James said.

Head in the clouds

Fireproof offers one solution in particular that has been a standout as technology evolves. ImageSilo, the cloud version of Fireproof’s PaperVison Enterprise, is preferred due to its accessibility and ease of implementation.

“Ease of setup, combined with an intuitive interface for end-users makes the solution deployment and user adoption simple,” said Ben Katz, Solutions Architect for Fireproof.

Breaking ground

Innovation meets information exchange with our Esker AP On-Demand Systems. This new service was recently implemented within a popular hotel chain who charged Fireproof with updating their legacy AP systems. The software integrated seamlessly into an ERP application and allowed the client to integrate their workflow, data extraction and ERP system.

The biggest differentiating factor according to is Fireproof’s relationships built with our customers. “We have a thorough understanding of the business processes of our client and we speak their language, which is not an attribute of other vendors.”

See the full article on the CIOReview website.



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