Archiving to the Cloud Versus Offsite

Posted under Records Management by Fireproof on May 21, 2015

Cloud Data Security
Whether you should archive to the cloud or offsite for your business is a good question, and one that might not have such an easy answer. Good records are vital, of course, as is making sure you can get access to them anytime that becomes necessary. Where you store them matters for other reasons, though, for instance the safety and security of customer information and anything that’s proprietary to your business. You don’t want that information falling into the wrong hands.

Fortunately, that can usually be avoided by working with companies and storage options that are serious about security. For the best storage and backup system available, you’ll want to make use of offsite storage and the cloud, instead of trying to determine which one to exclusively work with. There are strengths and weaknesses to both. By leveraging those strengths and avoiding the weaknesses, you can keep your business safe and growing.

When using the cloud, remember that downloading is usually quick but uploading isn’t. Focus on using this option for small files that you access often. The bigger files that aren’t needed as often are better offsite, where you can access them if need be.

Mailings, recent contracts, and small reports are great examples of items to store in the cloud, as well. These may need to be accessed frequently, and because they have small file sizes, they can be uploaded quickly without a lot of trouble. You can back up your files more easily that way, and you’re not shipping duplicates over to a storage center all the time.

In short, the cloud is for smaller documents and offsite storage is for larger documents. You can ship a great deal of data on tape or other storage backup options overnight to an offsite center, but it might take weeks or even months to fully back that data up using the cloud. During that time, almost anything could happen that could cause you to lose data. Using both cloud and offsite storage for your business maximizes the value of both options.



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