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Posted under Who's Behind The Box by Fireproof on November 16, 2011

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Lorne Sykora

TITLE: IT Manager

JOB DESCRIPTION: Responsible for all information
systems and technology


What do you do at Fireproof?
As IT Manager I am responsible for everything related to the manage-
ment, storage, and security of our corporate and consumer electronic
information. This includes everything from the servers to cell phones.

Do you have a unique Fireproof story to share?
I remember looking out the window and seeing our CEO Mike James
chasing geese from the parking lot. He was running after them flapping
his arms like he was going to take off. Funniest thing I ever saw—we
take are security seriously. Actually one story I remember shows just
how far Fireproof is willing to go for our customers. I can remember
when a customer’s basement was flooded and several of our employees
spent the weekend helping move the documents to dry ground. The
dedication shows.

Best advice to Fireproof clients.
Backup, test, repeat. Having a good backup of your information is crit-
ical in the event of a disaster but its only half the equation. Test your
recovery process and then test it again. That backup is of no use if
someone hasn’t documented and tested the restore process.

Favorite thing about your job.
It is different everyday and even minute by minute. I might spend an
hour working on a server and the next helping a customer with a
software install.

How is Fireproof better than their competitors?
One word “Service.” We have always tried to put the customer first in
every decision we make. For example when we do server maintenance
we always try to make sure it has the least impact on the customers.

What can you tell us about Industry trends?
The cloud is all the rage right now and for good reason, but it certainly
is not one size fits all. Consumers will find an increasing array of confus-
ing choices out there that all sound the same. Trust your vendor to point
you in the right direction.

List 3 things people don’t know about you.
I was in the Navy for 6 years as an electronics technician. I was a band
geek and played trumpet in the military. I played taps at hundreds of military
funerals both in high school and during my time in the Navy. Also, I have
visited every US state except Hawaii and Alaska.

Tell us about your family life.
My wife and I had our first child (a boy) at the end of October. We are
very excited.

List your hobbies and interests.

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