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Posted under Fireproof Records by Fireproof on January 24, 2011

Each year, Fireproof recognizes the efforts of our people that provide exemplary service over and above our management’s expectations. We recognize these award recipients annually at our awards program, to be held this year on January 26, 2011. We have six categories and take nominations in each from our departments and management team.

Due to the overwhelming response and many outstanding people to choose from, we wanted to highlight each service award category, and the nominees. The award winners will be highlighted on our blog following next week’s event.

Today’s service category is Safe Driver.

Safe driving of company vehicles is a direct reflection of Fireproof.  We have increased our visibility by having our company logo on our vans and trucks and it is more critical than ever that customers and prospective customers see our vehicles being driving in a safe manner.  Safety should always be the #1 concern for our drivers.  The Safe Driver Award is presented to the driver who has had 0 accidents during the year and has demonstrated their ability to perform their driving duties in a safe, polite, professional manner.

Safe Driver Award Nominees

Bill Clemons

Brad Dye

Dana Carsey

Ken Loucks

Melvin Farmer

Rob Ruffner

Todd Conley



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