8 Blue Whales

Posted under Certified Destruction - Shred by Fireproof on January 17, 2018

That’s right, in 2017 we shredded 3,045,195 pounds of paper. That means the paper we shredded weighed more than 8 blue whales!

Thanks to all our wonderful customers, and the hard working Fireproof staff that made this possible.



How Can Document Management Improve Your Business in 2018

Posted under Records Management by Fireproof on January 10, 2018

If your office is burdened with manually processing paper documents, a document management solution is just what you need to improve workflow efficiency and streamline processes. Document management solutions can revitalize your office productivity, giving your business the edge it needs to reach new goals in the New Year. The experts at Fireproof can help you find the right solution that will reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Document Management has many benefits that maximize an organization’s productivity and time-cost savings. Here’s how a Document Management system can improve your business.

Improved Productivity

Document management solutions saves employees’ valuable time typically spent searching for documents. Having documents stored in one centralized, digital location makes sending and receiving documents much faster. When you implement a document management solution, you will be able to simplify your office processes, giving your employees time to focus their attention on more important tasks.

Increased Cost Savings

Not only will a document management system save your employees time but it will save your business money. Costly human errors, which are the number one cause of a data breach, are drastically reduced when documents are digitized. Not to mention the money saved from using less paper and ink for printing. Your bottom line will quickly be improved.

Easier Accessibility

As more employees are working remote and travelling to satellite offices, having access to business documents is critical to continued productivity. Paper documents are more likely to get lost or destroyed. Keeping business documents and policies available at all times, including when employees are remote, eliminates stress and misinformation down the line.

Enhanced Security

Paper documents are prone to loss, theft or damage, putting you and your clients at risk. Document management systems keep documents safe from natural disasters and utilize authorization measures to keep business information safe from theft.

Fireproof offers a variety of Digital Document Management solutions, including M-Files Enterprise Information Management to help businesses become more efficient in how they manage, secure and share their information and documents.

Learn more at http://www.fireproof.com and let us help take your business to the next level.



3 Resolutions to be Green in 2018!

Posted under Fireproof Records by Fireproof on January 4, 2018

Hand pushing go green button on keyboard

Saving the planet is a daunting task. However, having a New Year’s Resolution to make a positive impact is a great way to start the New Year. The team at Fireproof is committed to our environment and we know that implementing greener policies is easier than you think.

Small steps can make a huge difference. At Fireproof, we work year round using our secure shredding and recycling program to do our part to improve the environment.  In fact, our mobile shredding programs allow us to recycle 100 percent of the materials we collect through our destruction services. We make it a priority to be economically practical as well as socially accountable.

Green policies around the office can also save time and money. Here are 3 resolutions you can successfully achieve for your office this year.

Reduce energy consumption

Energy consumption is an easy challenge to address even though it can account for the majority of waste and pollution in an office. Start by replacing light bulbs with energy-efficient LEDs. You can also make an effort to unplug all equipment at the end of the day. Not only will you minimize your office waste, you will also reduce your electric bill.

Decrease paper waste

Resolving to digitize workflows will drastically reduce paper waste in the office. In lieu of printing, copying, and filing documents, try to keep your work digital for as long as possible to eliminate paper waste and lower office expenditures. Document management and cloud services are tools that can significantly improve workflow and help eliminate duplicates.

Purchase sustainable supplies

The items we use in the office can have a negative impact on the environment. Look for and purchase green products such as staple-less staplers and pens that can be refilled repeatedly rather than sent to a landfill. Choose products that are made from post-consumer content such as paper and plastic products and cut down or even eliminate your use of products that there are no green alternatives for, such as rubber bands.

The Fireproof team is so committed to helping your office contribute to the betterment of our environment that we create a “Green Report” for your business’ records management and destruction policies to help you monitor waste. Contact us at sales@fireproof.com to get started on making 2018 a little greener.