Don’t Let Information Overload Kill Your Productivity

Posted under Records Management by Fireproof on October 18, 2017

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Ping! Buzz! Ring! Hum! The many sounds of incoming information ready, available, and right at your fingertips are a distraction to your productivity. The abundance of tweets, texts, endless streams of articles on Facebook, not to mention phone calls, emails and interoffice chat sessions can often offer more information than your brain can handle. With the steady stream of data we consume every day it isn’t hard to believe that Americans now absorb more than five times as much information as we did 30 years ago.

These chronic intrusions affect productivity in the workplace by depleting energy levels and adding more time to complete tasks. With never-ending information available and ready to distract, a conscious effort is required to resist and stay focused on the task at hand. If information overload is killing your productivity, Fireproof Records offers these tips to get back on track.

The two-minute rule

Set aside 45-60 minutes each day to plow through small tasks that will take you two minutes or less. These tasks can include, but are not limited to, reading emails and texts, returning phone calls or reviewing your accounts.

Combine tasks, but don’t multi-task

Focus on one task through to completion. For example, if you have multiple bills to pay, pay them all at once. If you are organizing files, do them all together. Carve time to answer all emails awaiting a response in your inbox. This is different than multi-tasking, which expends unnecessary mental and physical energy. Multi-tasking would be returning phone calls and emails at the same time, each of which takes time to decide where you need to focus your energy.

Tackle your hardest tasks first thing in the morning

Our energy levels are highest at the beginning of the day. As the day continues, energy is depleted by tasks performed, both large and mundane. Therefore, by midday a simple decision between pen colors could use the same amount of energy as a critical organizational decision. Making important decisions first thing in the morning allows the rest of the day to go smoothly. Set aside the time each morning to complete the most daunting of your daily tasks.

Take a break

A small, 15-minute break is sufficient time for the brain to reset and boost efficiency. Carve time out every few hours to take a brief walk, nod off or just listen to music for 15 minutes and then surprise your coworkers with your increased productivity.

Having an awareness of the many distractions from information in your life is key to making changes. Turn off your email, silence your phone and walk away from your computer, even if it is just for a few minutes. We promise, everything will still be there when you return. These small changes will allow you to take back control over your day and improve your proficiency in the workplace, and your personal life.



Who’s Behind the Box – Kelie Hemphill

Posted under Who's Behind The Box by Fireproof on October 13, 2017

Without such an incredible team, Fireproof couldn’t be such a successful business in the records management industry. Document Management Supervisor Kelie Hemphill is a testament to that. The Pittsburgh native has been working at Fireproof for five years and wears many hats on a daily basis, including hiring, managing staff, coordinating budgets, and customer service. Here are a few things you should know about Kelie.

Q: Who do you work most closely with at Fireproof?
T: I work closest to Project Coordinators Shatania Clemment and Eric Lang, as well as Operations Manager, Mike Sayer.

Q: If you were to describe the Fireproof brand in 3 words, what would they be?
T: I’d say family, customer-focused and strong.

Q: What are some things that interest you?
T: I love sports and I am a huge football fan—Go Steelers! I also enjoying playing with my kids, kickboxing, shopping, traveling, and decorating.

Q: What was the most unusual job you had before working at Fireproof?
T: Recruiting for process automation in the oil and gas industry in the Texas area.

Q: What is one skill you would like to master?
T: I would like to be a more patient person.

Q:What is one thing you do differently than most people?
T: I am very straight-forward. I get to the point very quickly.

Q: What is one thing that most people don’t know about you
T: Most people don’t know that I was Homecoming Queen in college—Miss Language, Arts and Literature.

Q:What is your favorite part about your job?
T: My favorite part about my job is the fact that every day is a new challenge; I always have to come up with creative solutions.

Q: What is one thing everyone should know about Fireproof
T: Everyone should know that Fireproof is a great place to work at if you want to grow as a person and as a professional. They really embrace you as part of the Fireproof family.

Q: If you meet anyone (dead, alive, real, fictional), who would it be?
T: I would love to talk to my great-great grandmother. I come from a line of very strong women and would love to meet the woman who started it all.

Q: What was/is your favorite Fireproof event?
T: I would say my favorite Fireproof event has been the summer cookout. Everyone from our team is involved and everyone always has a great time.

Q: What do you think are the biggest changes in this industry?
T: While Fireproof has services to offer in every stage of the document lifecycle, everything nowadays is becoming digitized and electronic—paper is becoming a thing of the past.

Q:How do you help people outside of your job?
T: I’m a mentor for United Way’s Women’s Leadership Council E3 Program. I mentor young women, both personally and professionally.



3 Benefits of Digitizing Paper Documents in Your Office

Posted under Document Imaging by Fireproof on October 4, 2017


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Offices across the United States are moving towards a paper-free environment. Efficiency is top priority in today’s office space and is the top benefit pushing this trend. Productivity can take a huge hit when time is spent retrieving a lost document. Moving towards a paperless office is easy with today’s technologies, which include cloud computing, document scanning, a variety of software, and abundant mobile apps that work together to seamlessly transform any office from paper-dependent to digital. Many organizations are already seeing the benefits from the drive to digitize. Below are our three top benefits your office will experience when you digitize paper documents.

1. Cost Savings

Did you know that the US consumes more than one-third of the world’s paper? When you add that to the cost of ink cartridges, copy machines and printers, the price of printing can be pretty steep. Digitizing your paper documents reduces the added cost of pricey office equipment.

Document management software can also save your business with reduced man-hours. Time spent organizing, filing and sifting through paper can now be down by document management software.

2. Easy Accessibility

Digitizing your documents means easy accessibility for everyone in the office. Once documents are scanned and filed digitally, all employees are able to access from a central location. Time is no longer spent tracking down reports thus enhancing efficiency.

3. Document Security

Security features in document management software are designed to protect documents from threats such as natural disasters as well as information theft. Once stored on the cloud, businesses can easily retrieve any necessary document through a secure access point. Having a shared access point across the organization also allows for version control of documents, insuring all employees are privy to the most up-to-date version, and again, improving efficiency.

Every business is different and each office has a specific set of needs for digitizing their documents. The experts at Fireproof Records will help you find the right technology tools to improve processes and increase productivity in your office. Contact Fireproof today for a no-obligation quote!