Tips for Reducing Cyber-Security Threats

Posted under Security by Fireproof on October 13, 2016

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In today’s digital world, cyber-security can be a challenge for many businesses. We have seen many security breaches over the past few years at companies like Target and eBay. However, by following a few simple tips, you can greatly reduce your risk and your employee’s risk of of becoming a victim to a cyber-attack.

  1. Communicate: Be sure to communicate with your employees on a regular basis about policies and best practices. It only takes one employee to cause a potential cyber-security crisis, so it is definitely worth the time and effort to keep everybody on the same page.
  2. Create Strong Passwords: An ideal password should be at least 12 characters long. It is recommended that you diversify this password with numbers, lower-case letters, upper-case letters and characters. Also, be sure that you are using original passwords for different accounts.
  3. Establish Rules and Procedures: Create a definitive set of rules for employees to follow while using company computers, phones, tablets and any other technology. This can include rules on using email, social networking sites and web browsing. You should also have a specific procedure for reporting a cyber-security attack.
  4. Act Fast!: Keep a plan in order in the event that an attack or threat occurs so you can quickly respond. The quicker you can respond, the more you can limit any major damage.

Communicate, communicate, communicate. The more you reiterate and encourage smart practices, the lesser your risk for a major cyber-security problem. Keep an open environment that welcomes employees to speak up if they find something suspicious or suspect a cyber-security attack.



Managing the Information Lifecycle

Posted under Document ImagingurlEnterprise Content ManagementurlRecords Management by Fireproof on October 7, 2016


Smart solutions protect business assets and deliver efficiency.

To digitize or not to digitize? To shred or not to shred? There are a variety of options to select from when choosing how to handle business data. While federal law, professional standards, and operational needs dictate many of these choices, businesses can also turn to Fireproof Records and its team of experts to help them determine the best solutions to manage, store, and protect their business information.

mike-james-fireproof-ceo“It’s important to look at the business process in conjunction with the lifecycle of data to make good decisions about storage and destruction,” says Michael James, CEO of Fireproof. “This analysis makes it possible to develop an approach that’s affordable and easy to adapt to existing processes.” Fireproof, an information management company, has worked with businesses of all sizes for over 30 years on everything from electronic forms and document scanning to secure off-site storage and shredding paper.

What Makes Sense

Experienced in efficient and cost-effective transitioning of new data technologies into an existing business workflow, Fireproof has the deep expertise necessary to customize and implement systemic change or alter specific processes. For a manufacturer, that might mean setting up a cloud based back-up to secure all corporate data—or just sales records. For a doctor’s office, that could mean a hybrid of paper and digital documents.

“Business owners need access to their records, but they also need security,” says James. “In the past, the threats were physical, like fires or theft. Now it’s a computer system crash or a cyberattack. The medium is different but the issue is the same—staying operational.”

solutionsIntroducing cloud computing into customer solutions has made it possible to eliminate concerns about downtime and information availability. Fireproof solutions are powered by redundant data centers across the country, physically located on separate power grids to ensure uptime. Moreover, cloud solution deployment removes the need for large capital investments in software and expensive hardware. “Combining maximum uptime with minimum go-live cost is always an attractive option.” says James.

Technology as a Tool

“Technology isn’t always a quick fix for any challenge,” James says. “The right technology needs to be applied in the right places. With our cloud based document management solutions, we help organizations improve the processing and exchange of business information.”

He describes how Fireproof helped one client automate the sales order processing to improve order completion time and customer satisfaction while another department chose to archive paper records that are no longer actively used.

“Just because you can scan paper documents and make them electronic doesn’t mean you need to,” says James. “Our goal is to help apply whatever solution will make the life of our customer better. We use whatever solution makes sense. It’s important to see technology as a tool, not let technology determine the process.”



The 2016 Decade Plus Club

Posted under Fireproof Records by Fireproof on September 30, 2016


As part of our tradition at Fireproof, the 40+ members of the Decade Plus club gather each year for the Decade Plus Club Dinner. The club is a part of Fireproof history, and was formed to recognize and celebrate the people that have been with Fireproof for over 10 years.

This year our inductees were Brian Beck, Warehouse Retriever, and Mike Senanefes, GC2 First Shift Lead,

Thanks to everyone who came out, and a big congratulations to Brian and Mike!