Document Scanning Services

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Stay Secure, Reduce Paper and Find what you need Fast with Document Scanning Services from FIREPROOF.

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Case Study: Epson WorkForce Document Scanners and Fireproof Records Center

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Print copy and scan the business documents

One of the ways we help our clients easily digitize and organize paper is by utilizing Epson WorkForce color document scanners, including the WorkForce DS-560, WorkForce DS-760 and WorkForce DS-860. “Scanners help us to bridge the gap between paper and electronic document management,” said Ben Katz, Solutions Architect at Fireproof. “We help customers get to the point where they are at ease without paper, where they begin to see the benefit of moving beyond paper to other digital services.”

Take a look at our brand new case study to find out how Epson Scanners can help you!

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Six Tips for Staying Safe on Social Media

Posted under Security by Fireproof on September 8, 2016


Most people are active on one or more social media platforms, sometimes hourly. Social media has become a way of life in today’s society. Many don’t think twice before logging in and posting their latest update. But, maybe they should.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have become the world’s largest database of accessible, personal information. It’s not surprising that many of these sites have become a favorite of scammers, identity thieves and con artists.

How can you be social and maintain your security? Following these tips, coupled with a little bit of common sense, will help you protect yourself online without sacrificing your online social status.

Secure your privacy settings.
The default privacy settings for most social networks are left open, which can lead to sensitive data being exposed. Review your social networks (especially Facebook and Twitter) to make sure that you are not sharing personal information unintentionally.

Be cautious of links and files.
If you’re not sure about the source, don’t download or click on the link. Be wary of out-of-character posts from friends, requesting you to click a link and always double check the sender’s email address when you receive an email through the social platform.

Update your software and device.
Update notifications for your desktop software and mobile apps include critical security patches that protect your data from new hazards and viruses. Update your systems as soon as you are notified in order to protect yourself against potential security threats.

Use discretion on the information you share.
While the social site may be secure, accounts can still be compromised through a minor slip or a new software exploit. The best way to keep your information secure is to avoid posting anything you’d rather not be made public.

Never tag or post your specific location.
It is not necessary for your friends to know where you are at all times. It makes you and your home vulnerable, especially if your profile is public. Remember, when you inform your social media friends you’re at Disney World with your family, you’re also letting everyone know that you’re more than 100 miles away from your home, which makes it a target for break-ins.

Use strong passwords.
Passwords are one of the keys to protecting your identity, so make them effective. Read this blog post to learn how to create a secure password.

Following these tips and staying current on the latest security news and information will help you keep your personal information safe from hackers and other threats.  For more tips on how to stay safe in a digital world, read Prevent Your Business From Being a Victim of Cyber Crime on our blog.